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Positioning images in LibreOffice Writer Submitted By:  rburton
2017-10-24 Message #406
Problem: I just inserted an image on a page in Writer. I want to adjust its position very precisely, but I can't find the tool to do so. (In this case anchoring to "page" and setting flow to "through" yielded the intended result, placing the image over the top of some existing text.)

  * Verified that Tools/Options/LibreOffice Writer/Grid/Snap to Grid was UNchecked.
  * Selected the image, then used [Alt] + [arrow key]. Fine tuning position made easy!

Ensignia (SquirrelMail) hack Submitted By:  rburton
2017-10-16 Message #405
Problem:When checking email with Ensignia, which is really SquirrelMail, a file attemps to load or download
  * It's name is ensignia.html
  * It's source is
  * It refers to a remote JavaScript file at "www DOT dropbox DOT com/static/api/1/dropins.js"

Solution: (at least a workaround for Firefox users until investigated further)
  * Install the FireFox add-on "Block site" from
  * In Block site's preferences, add
  * Block site's notifications may be disabled

Firefox 39.0 Doesn't Provide Hiding NavBar Submitted By:  rburton
2015-07-25 Message #388
Issue: I miss being able to hide the navigation toolbar in recent version(s) of Firefox.

  * Browse to
  * Install "Hide Navigation Bar 1.41.1-signed"
  * Restart Firefox

NOTE: Hotkey may be customized if you don't prefer the default F2 key. Other behaviors may be customized.
      (See: Add-ons Manager)

Libre Office Spreadsheet - Adding Months Submitted By:  rburton
2015-01-16 Message #386
Problem:Using LibreOffice Calc, I want to add a one or more months to a date.

Solution:Use the edate() function as below.


  * date-value may be literal as a quoted date string or a reference to a date cell
  * months is a whole number of months to add (positive value) or subtract (negative value)

FireFTP error in Firefox v32.0 Submitted By:  rburton
2014-09-05 Message #382
Problem: When attempting to edit a FireFTP account after a recent update on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS running Firefox v32.0, an error similar to the following appeared.

  XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
  Location: chrome://fireftp/content/accountManager.xul
  Line Number 216, Column 17: <menu label="&charsetMenuMore1.label;"
  accesskey="&charsetMenuMore1.accesskey;"datasources="rdf:charset-menu" ref="NC:BrowserMore1CharsetMenuRoot">

  * Found this helpful post
  * Followed this link from the post
  * Installed the FireFTP addon
  * Restarted Firefox

Everything appears to be functioning normally now although the post includes further discussion. Thanks to "Mime ÄŒuvalo" for the Aug 11, 2014 post.

Quantum Cryptography Submitted By:  rburton
2014-02-16 Message #379
The following sites provide relevant information about Quantum Key Distribution


HP Media Vault MV2010 telnet access Submitted By:  rburton
2013-09-05 Message #375
Problem; I wish OS/shell access to my MV2010 and the typically documented access is web-based only. This device's OS is BusyBox Linux.

  * Browse to the following link in a browser on a machine in the Media Vault's network
  * Click the "enable telnet" button

  * Now telnet to the device with its IP number - example

  * Note that you may need to use your own assigned network name in place of "hpmediavault" or the device's IP address - examples

  * The physical path of this file is /www/English/image/hptelnet.asp

Bad Sectors - Failing Hard Drive? Submitted By:  rburton
2012-12-10 Message #357
Problem: Error message something similar to "ata2 error 16" displays after GRUB menu. Shut down, restart, no errors - what next?

Fix: Linux
RUN DIAGNOSTICS (I'm using Fedora) Run the SMART diagnostics utility found in Applications/System Tools/Disk Utility.
  * Select the appropriate hard drive device in the tree to the left
  * Click the "SMART Data" button (may require enabling in BIOS)
  * Make note of any problems in the status report
  * Click the "Run Self Test" button for a current test
  * I recommend selecting Extended
The smartctl command may also be used (your drive device's path is displayed in the Disk Utility - look for the "Device:" label)
  * smartctl -H /dev/sda  (general Health)
  * smartctl -a /dev/sda  (more info)
  * man smartctl (more about using this utility)
ADVANCED Users - This is NOT a complete discussion of these commands
  * The badblocks command (ex: badblocks -v /dev/sda1)
    -> Searches for bad sectors
    -> Defaults to non-destructive read only mode
    -> READ man badblocks
  * The fsck command (ex: fsck -t ext4 /dev/sda1)
    -> Will attempt bad sector repairs
    -> The filesystem being checked MUST be UNmounted!
    -> READ man fsck!

Fix: Windows
RUN DIAGNISTICS (I'm using Win7)
  * Open "Computer" or "My Computer"
  * Right click the appropriate hard drive device (usually C:)
  * Select "Properties"
  * In the newly-displayed dialogue (window), click the "Tools" tab
  * Under Error Checking, click "Check Now"
    -> Select "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" (I recommend)
    -> Select "Automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" (I recommend)
ADVANCED Users - This is NOT a complete discussion of this command
  * The chkdsk command (ex: chkdsk c: /f)
    -> Attempts bad sector repairs
    -> Forces a dismount if necessary
    -> READ "chkdsk /?" or "help chkcsk"!

  * Should I...
    -> Burn more time attempting to fix the sectors? NO, NO, NO
    -> Image the hard drive to make reinstall faster and easier? NO, NO, NYET
  * I MUST...
    -> Backup important files, backup important files, backup important files
    -> Replace the hard drive
    -> Reinstall OS & software
  * Copy the files backup to the new drive

Another New Thread Submitted By:  rburton
2011-11-15 Message #337
Check out the new SQL Server thread for issues focused on SQL Server management and development.


New Thread! Submitted By:  rburton
2011-02-11 Message #327
Check out the new web development thread for all things PHP, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, MySQL, SQL Server, Flash, etc... and their relationship to development in the web environment.


Comcast Email Settings Submitted By:  rburton
2011-01-10 Message #325
Problem: I need settings and server names for setting up Comcast email in my chosen utility.

  * POP3 (receiving)
  * SMTP (sending)
  * Username and Password are the same as for web email

Web Ad Blocking! Submitted By:  rburton
2010-12-30 Message #321
Hey all you techies and web surfers, tired of all those annoying ads while you browse? Check out userContent.css for FireFox and etc.! What? You're using Internet Exploder? I'm so sorry! ;-) Look here to get a pre-made download and instructions.

I added the following line to the beginning of the first section of rules

A:link[HREF*=""]  IMG, /* added for */

Enhanced Editing! Submitted By:  rburton
2010-09-05 Message #312
Users may now edit messages since it's a lot easier than deleting and re-entering a message... I know I know! (It took me long enough) ;-)

Message Delete Added Submitted By:  rburton
2007-06-12 Message #127
Users may now delete only their own messages when logged on. Other users or those who are only viewing this blog cannot affect messages posted by logged on users. So, if you do typos (like I do occasionally), then you can start over.  ;-)  Enjoy.

Message Formatting Submitted By:  rburton
2007-06-01 Message #107
The use of HTML tags for underline, bold, and Italics has been added. Double space characters will now display along with new lines.
When clicking the New Message button, this info appears on the posting form. Hyperlinks are not allowed but URLs may be underlined for clarity.

The Awesomeness Submitted By:  Michael
2007-05-07 Message #82
This is really cool! Gets better with every iteration.

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